Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stay in Shape in Kathmandu

In today's age of information and technology, it is widespread knowledge that living a healthy lifestyle is a must. The old drudgery of running on a treadmill, lifting some dumbells, or heaven forbid--doing crunches! has long since passed. People these days are looking for fun ways to work out, get in shape, and stay healthy.

Many people travel these days, but that doesn't mean they want to give up their active lifestyles. Often times, when travelling, you get caught up in the whirlwind of new foods, having a few drinks with friends and new acquaintences, and let's face it--being lazy. You work like a dog at home--and you want to come on holiday to relax, no? But once you get home and try to get back into your normal workout routine, you not only feel guilty about your lethargy--but you also find it difficult to get back into the swing of things, am I right?

That's why Core Fitness Studio Nepal is the perfect solution for you. Not only will you meet new people in these high tempo group workout classes, but you'll have fun doing and staying in shape while abroad. You can return home feeling relaxed and healthy--no guilty conscious--no extra pounds to work off.

Core Fitness Studio is located in Sanepa--not far from the tourist hub Thamel--and within walking distance from the new up and coming area "Jamel" --or Jamsikel. You can also walk to the beautiful ancient city of Patan from here. The studio is located in a fitness center, which used to be an old Rana Palace. The studio is huge and can accommodate large classes---so you're sure to make new friends!

Check out their facebook page and see what classes are running while you're here. They offer classes like Zumba, Total Body Workout, Belly Dance, Traditional Nepali Dance, etc..

 Come get fit at this fabulous new studio!

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