Monday, June 25, 2012


Everyone at Trek Nepal Int'l is proud to announce the collaboration of Trek Nepal & TrekTraka! The staff at Trek Nepal have been working closely with the TrekTraka team over the last few months, implementing a new system that will help you follow your friends and family on their treks!

This state of the art device is essentially a GPS tracking device. If the client gives consent, they will be given a link to an interactive map on the Trek Nepal website, showing exactly where they are while trekking. The GPS sends out a signal every 10 minutes--so you'll be able to follow your loved ones moment to moment through beautiful Nepal. TrekTraka works in collaboration with GoogleMaps, so you are insured the best possible maps in terms of accuracy and topographical views. Along the route, there are Points of Interest (marked by a yellow star), which show different natural, historical, and cultural points you'll be seeing along the way. Now for the best part!

As internet is widely unavailable on most trekking routes, TrekTraka has come up with a brilliant way to keep your family and friends informed on your whereabouts, via social media platforms; Facebook & Twitter!

Each time you reach a point of interest, those who have consented, get a message posted on their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts--letting family and friends know about the sites they are seeing and where they have been/are going!

This puts ever-worrying parents at ease, appeases the curious friend, and enlightens the aspiring traveler. This device is worn by the trekking guide and is of no inconvenience to the trekkers. The device is turned on in the morning and off once the daily destination has been reached. Each person's account details are deleted immediately after a trek and no updates will be given once the specified trip end date is reached!

Tell us what YOU think of this new product! We'll be sending out our first Trek Traka enhanced trek very soon! Stay tuned to our Facebook & Twitter for those updates--

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  1. Hello to everyone at Trek Nepal.
    Everyone here in the TrekTraka office in Australia is just as excited to see you using our GPS tracking and social media system. We are all really looking forward to seeing your first GPS points on your Family and Friends Map and to see the first social media posts send to the accounts of your trekking clients.
    We wish everyone on the Upper Mustang trek the best of luck and weather.
    Peter, David and all the team at TrekTraka