Sunday, October 21, 2012

Animal Friendly Dashain

Every year during Dashain, the biggest holiday/festival in Nepal, many buffalo, chicken, and goats are sacrificed in the name of Gods and Goddesses. This has been a long standing tradition in Nepal--especially in the Newar community--or those who are native to Kathmandu Valley. 

As you walk through the streets of Kathmandu today, you'll see many people carting their goats home and many people selling baskets full of chickens on the side of the road. This meat is eaten, and therefore not wasted--but the problem is not the consumption of meat--but rather the method and purpose of the sacrifice. 

No where in the religious texts does it say specifically to slaughter an animal to appease the Gods. The texts mention offering human flaws and habits to the the deities--and such things like fruit and vegetables are just as acceptable. It is only longstanding fear of the wrath of the Gods that allows these continued atrocities to occur. 

Only with knowledge, awareness, and faith in your Gods being kind, loving Gods--can Nepal move forward from this barbaric encrouchment on another living soul. 

Be responsible--be animal friendly--and enjoy your Dashain by celebrating life--not destroying it.   

                       Photo: Kasaiko Dashain,,Kasaiko Dasha,,,,,

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